Common Errors in the Google Merchant Center and How to Fix Them

Common Errors in the Google Merchant Center and How to Fix Them
In this article, we will discuss common errors that occur in the Google Merchant Center and provide solutions and tips on how to fix them. Product data feeds are essential in various marketing channels, including price comparison websites, paid search affiliates, affiliate networks, marketplaces, and social networks.

Understanding Google Merchant Center Errors, Warnings, and Notifications

Errors, warnings, and notifications in the Google Merchant Center indicate different levels of issues. Errors usually lead to account suspension or item disapproval, while warnings and notifications suggest optimization opportunities.

Common MCA issues and how to fix them

Rejection due to Google Policies

Issue: Google restricts the promotion of certain products.

Solution: Avoid adding products that violate Google policies and ensure you provide proper product descriptions and images.

Incorrect Price and Availability

Issue: Prices in your feed must match the prices on your website.

Solution: Keep your prices updated and use separate sheets for discounted products if necessary.

Wrong Category Names or No Categories at All

Issue: Product categories must match the categories provided by the Google Merchant Center.

Solution: Use Google's taxonomy when filling the "google_product_category" field.

Invalid Shipping or Tax

Issue: Shipping and tax information must be set up correctly in your Merchant Center account.

Solution: Refer to Google Help Center guides if you need assistance.

GTIN Errors (Invalid or Missing Values)

Issue: Accurate GTINs are required for products that need them.

Solution: Check Google's guide to determine if your products need a GTIN.

Invalid Images, Product Titles, and Descriptions

Issue: Titles and descriptions must follow the official Google Merchant Center guidelines.

Solution: Address common mistakes such as too long or short titles and descriptions, invalid image URLs, special characters in text, and word repetition in product descriptions.

Targeting Multiple Countries with One Domain

Issue: Localize product feeds for each country and avoid using the same feed for multiple countries without editing it.

Solution: Create separate websites for each country you want to advertise in.

By identifying and addressing these common errors, you can optimize your Google Merchant Center account and improve the performance of your product listings.

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