Shopify Growth Unleashed: The Power of Ad Spend Investment & Arbitrage

Shopify Growth Unleashed: The Power of Ad Spend Investment & Arbitrage
At Order Legend, we stand at the intersection of eCommerce and cutting-edge advertising technology, pioneering a transformative approach. As an ad spend investor, we front the costs, but our strategy operates much like arbitrage, capitalizing on the window between commission earnings and ad spend on Google. Intrigued? Continue reading to learn more about the way we think and operate.

Our unique investment proposition

While others merely manage ad campaigns, we at Order Legend take a bold step further. We operate as an investment company, fronting the ad spend and bearing the financial risk, not you. Our model starts at a 12% commission, but it's flexible. We adjust based on data and outcomes, ensuring each campaign is tailored for success. Our advantage as a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) means we get a 20% discount on our bids, giving us a competitive edge over traditional Google ads you run yourself.

Technological superiority

At Order Legend, we're not just about innovative financial models; we're a technological powerhouse. Our advanced AI and machine learning systems not only optimize product data but also play a pivotal role in managing ad campaigns and formulating sophisticated bidding strategies. These strategies, fine-tuned by our AI, are beyond the reach of individual merchants running their own campaigns.

Moreover, our commitment to automation ensures that the entire advertising process is streamlined. Merchants no longer need to spend hours, days, or even weeks manually managing product feeds and advertising campaigns. We handle the complexities, ensuring that your products rank better on platforms like Google Shopping and giving you an unparalleled edge in the market. By leveraging technologies and strategies that aren't available to individual advertisers, we ensure that your campaigns are always a step ahead, maximizing reach and ROI, while minimizing manual effort on your part.

Our model is battle-tested

Our sister company, Redbrain, pioneered the pay-only-on-results model and stands as a testament to our potential. With a performance-based approach, Redbrain generated over £1 billion for stores in 2022 and works with between 4,000 and 10,000+ retailers and brands at any given time. Redbrain works through affiliate networks, where as Order Legend currently serves Shopify merchants.

Merchant outcomes with us

Partnering with us can lead to a range of outcomes. In the best scenario, both of us profit from the ad spend. In other cases, even if we don't profit, you still benefit from the orders generated. And in situations where our ads lead to no orders, we bear the investment losses. Our algorithms dial back investments, ensuring we manage risks effectively, and you never bear the brunt of these losses. When we find winners, we double down, increasing caps and investing more to find the order volume ceiling at the right commission rate.

How we stand apart

Unlike traditional models where merchants bear the risks, we take on the investment risks, eliminating the ad spend risk for you. This commitment to bearing the financial risk sets us apart. We put our money where our mouth is! This ensures you get the best of e-commerce advertising without the associated risks. People often ask about our profit margins. We're content with margins as low as breakeven or just a few £ a month per store. If we're running at a significant ROI, it means we can invest more in ads, driving more order volume to our merchants. Our goal is to grow together with our merchants. We reinvest our profits into fueling ad spend, improving our app experience, and expanding our pioneering pay-only-on-results model, making it accessible to more merchants.


At Order Legend, we're not just another advertising technology company; we're your force multiplying partner in the advertising space. As an ad spend investor, we amplify your advertising efforts, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a unique risk-free model. Our arbitrage-like strategy ensures that we capitalize on every opportunity, maximizing returns for both us and our merchant partners over the short and long term. As we continue to evolve, we're committed to expanding our offerings, from geographic expansion to new platforms. With Order Legend, the future of eCommerce advertising is not just promising; it's revolutionary. So what are you waiting for? Lets flip the payment model for advertising on it's head where you only pay on results. Get started today by installing our Shopify app.

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Adam Sturrock
Adam Sturrock
Order Legend