Unlock the Power of Google Shopping Ads: Your Key to Cheaper, More Performant Ad Campaigns.

Unlock the Power of Google Shopping Ads: Your Key to Cheaper, More Performant Ad Campaigns.
Order Legend is a Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner. We leverage a 20% discount on bids to run cost-effective and high-performing Google Shopping campaigns for Shopify merchants.

As a Shopify merchant, setting up, monitoring and optimizing online advertising can be a daunting and time-consuming task. However, leveraging Google's Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) program can be a game-changer for your business. Order Legend, as a proud Google CSS partner, is here to guide you through the benefits of this program, particularly how the significant 20% discount on bids we receive can revolutionize your advertising strategy.

The Google CSS program is designed to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of your Google Shopping campaigns. By participating in this program, you gain access to a competitive edge that directly impacts your campaign's cost-efficiency and overall performance. The standout benefit here is the 20% discount on bids, which allows us to run more aggressive advertising strategies with typically better results than direct through Google. This discount not only makes our campaigns more cost-effective but also increases our bidding power in auctions, giving you an advantage over competitors who might not be leveraging the CSS partner program opportunity.

Order Legend is a strategic ally for all Shopify merchants that sell in Europe. Our role as a Google CSS partner allows us to tap into this 20% discount, running campaigns at a lower cost than what retailers and brands can achieve directly with Google. But it's not just about saving money; it's about driving better results. Our expertise in feed management, bid optimization, and strategic campaign execution means that we don't just run cheaper campaigns — we run more effective ones. By maximizing the impact of every dollar spent, we help Shopify merchants achieve higher visibility, increased click-through rates, and improved conversion rates, ultimately enhancing the ROI of their advertising efforts.

The 20% discount we receive allows us to run more performant campaigns at a lower cost than you can directly. This creates a window for us to operate in between our upfront ad spend investment and commission earnings on orders our campaigns generate.

For Shopify merchants looking to streamline their Google Shopping campaigns and make their advertising budget work harder, we think we offer a really compelling solution. By leveraging the Google CSS program and our strategic advantages, we help you navigate the competitive auction landscape more effectively, ensuring that your products stand out in Google Shopping's crowded marketplace.

The best part? Getting started with us is completely risk-free. Our Cost-Per-Acquisition-based model (pay-only-on-results) means that we only succeed when you do, aligning our goals with yours. We invite Shopify merchants to try out our app, available on the Shopify app store. This tool automates your Google Shopping campaigns, leveraging our CSS partnership to maximize your advertising impact.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your Google Shopping campaigns with our expertise! Get started today and unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts with the support of a Google CSS partner that's committed to your success.

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Adam Sturrock
Adam Sturrock
Order Legend