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The 1# Advertising & Feed App earns you $30 per store you refer that installs our app.

Percentage Commission
$30 per install

When you refer a store and they install our app, you'll earn $30 commission

PayPal Payouts
PayPal Payouts

Simple monthly payments to your chosen PayPal account.

Trackable Stats
Trackable Stats

Tracking is fast and reliable. See your referrals as they happen in real time!

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All merchants who install our app that are not on Shopify trials and not password protected will earn you $30. We're looking for legit stores and real businesses!

Step by step guide to our Affiliate program
Anyone can earn passive income

Our Affiliate Program is the best way to earn passive income if you are a:

Shopify Agency
Shopify App Developer
Course creator
Shopify Mentor
Social Media Influencer
Email Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm eligible to be a partner?

Do you do you know someone… or have an audiences that could benefit from our legendary Shopify Google Shopping Ads app?

Congratz! You’re eligible. 🎉

When and how are payments made?

Monthly. To your nominated Paypal account. (Minimum payout $50)

When is a referral counted as successful?

A successful referral is when someone clicks your link and installs the Order Legend Shopify app. 

The additional conditions must also be met for referred stores to be eligible for payouts:

✅ The store is not password-protected.
✅ The store can not be on a Shopify trial plan.
✅ The store can not be a self-referral i.e. you run one or multiple Shopify stores and try to refer each of them or request pay-outs for sites you operate.
✅ The store must have an active subscription set within our app.
✅ The store must still be installed when we review the payout request.
✅ The store must have an active Shopify plan.
✅ The merchant centre account we set up for the store must not be suspended by Google (e.g. fraud, counterfeit goods, misrepresentation).
✅ The store must not have any dummy or test products.
✅ The store must have at least 1 product in stock and available to purchase.
✅ It must be possible for customers to buy and receive the products listed on the website.
✅ The store must meet the requirements above for at least 4 weeks.
✅ The store must be set up in one of the supported countries and currencies.

We are looking for legitimate, real store referrals only that can actually use our app. Any attempts to circumvent the requirements or referrals that repeatedly fail these checks will result in the suspension of your participation in our referral program.

How are commissions calculated?

Commission is calculated when a store successfully meets the eligibility requirements for a minimum of 2 weeks, earning you a cool $30!

Partner Materials

Need a short overview deck for a client, friend or co-worker? Looking to show support with a branded unique referral link?

Order Legend partner materials - referral badges

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