Possible outcomes:
We both win
(2 in 5 stores)

We invest in the ad spend and generate your store orders. We both make money.

We reinvest the profit we make to drive you more volume and improve our app.

You win, we lose
(1 in 5 stores)

We invest in the ad spend and generate you orders. You make money but we lose money.

In these cases we may be able to optimize commission caps and improve conversion rates so we can both win!

You get no orders, we lose
(1 in 5 stores)

We invest in the ad spend but the impressions and clicks we generate lead to no orders. We lose money and dial back ad spend investment. You pay nothing.

We may decide to run further experiments and invest again in the future.

We get stuck
(1 in 5 stores)

Google suspends the merchant centre as your store breaks one of their policies, 95% of cases are for misrepresentation.

We'll be unable to promote your products until the issues Google identifies are fixed. We'll send you tips and a checklist to hopefully get you unstuck.

We can't perform magic or guarantee results.
Whilst our platform will leverage multiple strategies and methods to promote your products on Google and drive your store orders, our app doesn't work for every store.

Many factors outside of our control can affect our apps performance.
This includes the types of products you sell, the demand and search volume, price competitiveness, customer behaviour, your on-site conversion rate, average basket value, seasonality and more.

You've got nothing to lose to give our app a try, if we don't generate your store orders, you won't pay anything!